Why Are HP Computer Cases So Popular?

If you visit ten friends’ homes today, you will probably see HP computer cases in the vast majority of them, even if the computer in the case was not, in fact, manufactured by Hewlett Packard. So what makes their cases so popular? More popular, even, than their actual PCs? It seems odd, but when you add all this up, it’s wise…

HP Makes Durable Cases

An HP case is a solid tank of a computer case, it happens to be. You could use it as a work table inside the shop also it would last quite a while without cracks… Of course, for those who have an excellent, solid plastic computer case, we recommend utilizing it on your hard drive, to not build chairs with, however, the point remains: These cases are sturdy, solid, and developed to last years later on.

HP Cases Look Neat

They really do. It’s that minimalist design. They only utilize a few colors inside their cases, usually black and gray, also it just has an extremely simple, neat look. Even the HP logo is sweet and understated. Some manufacturers tend to include pictures and elaborate fonts within their logos, therefore the simplicity with the good old fashioned H and P is a nice change of pace from your “More is More” philosophy of several computer case makers.

HP Cases Are Sealed Tight

Sooner or later, somebody will spill something on your computer. If you have an affordable case, in the event you bought some generic brand plastic shell to put over an otherwise excellent tailor-made computer, you are likely to be buying a fresh computer. If you use an HP case, then you are going to be investing in a roll of paper towels to mop it up, and you’re simply not likely to be worried about the insides. Have you ever attempted to crack an HP case open? It’s not easy. These things are really tight that you might probably safely use a coffee table without having a problem (not too we’d ever recommended that, obviously).

HP Cases Are Efficient

Minimalism will be the name of the game in relation to HP’s design sense. If you buy cases from certain manufacturers, they’re so obsessed with stylishness they forget: Hey, someone needs to locate a place to store this thing! Many companies design their computer cases with all kinds of odds and ends and bells and whistles herniated in the most possible direction. HP designs their cases to slide right through your desk without fuss or muss. If only all manufacturers could follow their lead, we couldn’t survive buying mismatching computers and cases to get the best of all possible.

And If We’re Being Completely Honest…

HP has great marketing, and they’re a massive company, there, we said it. Like their design sense, their advertising strategy is equally modest and understated. HP doesn’t throw one TV commercial with your face after another, they simply allow product perform talking and advertise ample to increase brand awareness without causing you too tired of it. Over the last ten possibly even years, a few companies went out of business within the computer industry, partly as a consequence of overly aggressive ad campaigns. As with the appearance of their cases, HP plays it cool in terms of marketing.